RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Just a mention: it is now being explored and accepted as fact that offspring are impacted by what their GRANDPARENTS experienced. “Yet another fact is that no species creates exact copies of itself from one generation to the next”…but really, humans from 2,000 yrs ago haven’t changed from us. They looked like us, thought like us, talked like us, reproduced like us. So, we’re pretty much exactly like those past generations, which were say, 40 generations ago. Now, if by exact, you mean “exact, like clones”, well, that’s different. But we still have the same gene pools sliding around, still have blondes, redheads (even though they’re like 2% of the population), dark skinned ppl, etc. Same animals, rabbits, snakes, elephants. And the animals seem to get inherited instructions from the grandparents DNA, based on hard times, but especially based on how to survive. So, could it be possible that we’re all just pre-loaded with EVERYTHING, and some of it expresses one way and some expresses another way. NOT mutations, NOT evolution….just different expressions based on what just happened two generations before. Unnatural breeding in scientific labs doesn’t tell us everything we need to know. I think THAT is the most important thing to remember.