RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

 All the matter in our universe had to come from somewhere. There has to be a beginning. Yeah, our universe might have been created from a “big bang”, but all that material involved had to come from somewhere. It didn’t just blink into existence. There has to be a creator of some sort. That would be our god. Though, what religion has done with the idea of a god is purely for moral purposes. It’s a way to scare people into following rules so that society doesn’t fall apart. Notice how messed up our world is becoming as more and more people become atheist? As more and more people ignore the rules of religion? Religion was created by man. And it was a good creation, to some degree. It caused wars when groups didn’t agree, but when all follow the same one, they flourish. Religion is a good way to teach morals that benefit society. Benefit our species. But it’s all technically a lie. Humans are too selfish to exist peacefully without religion because even as smart as we are, we are still selfish and stupid. We need concrete rules to keep our animal instincts at bay. So in short, something created us, but has never interfered and it’s up to us to get our stuff straight. Let’s try being smart and compassionate about it and try to make a better world instead of arguing and fighting about stupid stuff. Are you with me on that point at least?