RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

I think each person who tries to argue for any side of this topic is seeing one side, I for one am an agnostic atheist and I believe that we simply do not yet have the capability to prove or disprove the existence of a god or higher being. Looking at it from the side of creationism, most religion (especially Christianity) is based upon faith, believing in something without actually having any form of logical or rational proof and I think that those (including myself) whom believe in evolution simply don’t understand this concept. I for one don’t, I cannot comprehend how anyone can put their life and belief in something they cannot see or feel, how they can believe that the universe was created from nothing when there are oh so many more theories to support the creation of our universe. Yet somehow my best friend and I argue about this very topic at least once a month (it always creeps in and he is a full on all out Christian and he is proud of it). Its all about perspective, the way we see things through our own eyes, the way we interpret the world. Evolution is using rationality and reason, stating that what we know came into fruition through natural selection or Darwinian evolution, we are the ones who think this through with practicality. However those one the side of creationism stand firm at the side of their deities, putting faith before rationality and being supported by the claims of others who were believed to be prophets or to have communicated with a higher power. Just to add in here as well, recent evidence has uncovered that the complexity of the universe and the organisms therein is beginning to push even the most confident¬†of atheists to believe that a great design may have been necessary for our universes creation. There is a video that compels this for any who would like to see it:¬†. All in all, I am an agnostic atheist and i do firmly believe that without a doubt the universe is what it is due to evolution.