RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Headlines 2 days ago say scientists now believe “Big Bang” could not have occurred.  We’re fed so much bullshit for so long that society just passes it along as fact. How do we know we’re not seeded here from those just like us elsewhere out there in the big blue? God is “up in the sky”? So is outer space. “He’s coming back for us”? So could galactic visitors. “We’re made in his image” Yep, we’re made in our parent’s image, too. God is the “Father”?  Well, isn’t “father” and “leader” interchangeable terms? I think I”ve heard that a few times here and there…

So, is evolution even a point anymore? Why is it just A or B? Creationism vs evolution…Why is everyone sooo closed-minded that they can’t consider the fact that Earth might have had all kinds of evolution occurring, but at some point, due to disease, or pollution, or overpopulation, maybe some of us were dropped off here to start over. MAYBE we’re the damned penal colony of the solar system. Now, THERE’S a thought!

And as for the Universe forming from nothing: several hundred years ago, ppl thought the Earth was flat. A couple hundred years ago, ppl thought man couldn’t fly. No one even conceived of electricity or phones or computers. Could it be that we simply DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE to understand the concepts of how it started? It would be like trying to explain a phone call or email to Christopher Columbus. Maybe we just don’t have enough context yet, but we find it necessary to define EVERYTHING. There’s no room for mystery or unexplained concepts anymore. That’s what scares me the most. Everyone in this generation thinks there’s an answer for everything. THAT is so scary in it’s ignorance.