RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

First of all the universe is still creating something out of nothing at an extraordinary rate. It was only announced in 2011 that the universe expansion is speeding up but the concentration of dark matter is staying the same. You would think as you increase the size of something, the concentration of stuff in there would decrease, but no, it keeps on being made, seemingly out of nothing. It also has a LOT of mass.

Also The Theory of Evolution is quite happy with there being a Creator and doesn’t mention one. That’s why many scientists are also people of faith. There is no contradiction.

Scientists certainly aren’t bound by science. They’re liberated by it.

Every discovery opens up hundreds of new lines of inquiry.

Now scientists need to know what’s making the universe and what is dark matter.

Also quantum entanglement sounds more like the stuff of fairy legends than science, but it is proven to exist. If 2 sub atomic particles collide and one heads off to the other side of the universe, you can effectively change the properties of the one on the other side of the universe by changing attributes of the local one left behind, and do so instantly.

None of this is natural.