RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

I just can’t wrap my mind around that an estimated 3 billion Christians many of which are intelligent in the world followed by estimated 2 billion Muslims many of which are intelligent , followed by several hundred million Hindus mainly in India, many of which are intelligent , cannot provide a single piece of proof of God beyond someone’s imagination or “faith” as they say . Or else we would not be having these type of conversations . There is no point arguing with someone who believes it takes 6days to develop all of this earth ,people animals , solar system , Galaxy , etc . If you go looking for answers you’ll find them and if not keep trying because someone long after you will continue the journey in science . The sad thing is science can be overturned with new technology and proof somewhere the bible falls short and is Final . im with progressive knowledge . keep learning keep continuing finding out why we’re here and how we developed. Theists assume they know the answer already without any logical reasonable proof beyond a book with many authors who lived in a time when the earth was flat .