RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Big Chill, they really don’t reject evolution, they reject Evolution.  There is a difference.  I think most creationists would agree that organisms do change with time, but the reject the idea of the “Big Bang”, primordial ooze and life coming from that chemical mixture (wow, how’s that for simplification?).   And, P J, you’re nicer than I–I have little respect for those who totally reject that science.  I can’t imagine then, that they would embrace any science.  Here’s my thought:  As I said, I’m Christian.  I truly believe that God had sole responsibility for the creation of all.  Now, how he did that, for me is the debate.  They call the Higgs’ boson the “God particle”, well what if it really is?  God (call him Allah, Jehovah, whatever) knew exactly what was going on when all came into being and, because I have this teeny weeny little human brain, I just can’t wrap my head around the universe forming from nothing.  Can’t get something from nothing.  I think that it was the Higgs’ boson–God particle (his own particle, if you will), or something of that iilk that “banged”.  Then when all was said and done over the millennia and people were beginning to cook, God knew what this creation would be–trouble.  We are trouble.  Disobedient, ornery, silly and very, very curious.  So, if God had just plunked us down here, why not just make us somple, like stick figures?  No instead, we are complex beings with overlapping systems that have evolved over time to keep us alive in a hostile world.  Hell, according to fissil records, had we played our cards right, we might have been moer than one species.  If God had just plunked us down, why make the world a hostile place?  Make it nice and comfortable to accommodate out stick figure bodies.  Why give us brains if not to find the answers to questions that we make up)?  We, the earth, the universe and beyond are a product of a higher power, but we didn’t just get plunked down here like a bunch of Fisher Price people on a playground.