RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Well I just wanna say for one I think the Big Bang is just as much of a fairy tale as creation. Also if you’re Christian doesn’t mean you can’t believe in evolution. I’m pretty much with you though SRlea. If God created us (which I believe) then why couldn’t he create everything around us, Everything that scientists say is logic and goes against a creator? Now that’s the thing bc I believe in god I can believe in endless possibilities. If you’re on the side of evolution you’re bound by science, and you are limited by what you can actually study or observe, bc you can only study or believe in what you can touch or see. That’s why this is a pointless argument. Scientists, and not to say they’re all atheist have no place In the creation conversation and vise versa, simply bc scientists are bound to study what we know as our natural laws, where as people of faith are not. So us faith people can keep going with endless possibilities were as science can’t, they have to stick to science.