RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

It’s my personal belief that one does not debunk the other. Many “intellectuals” would site the certitude of science and it’s basis in tried and true facts as the ultimate proof that biblical scripture is more of a composite mythology from varying texts than anything else. I personally do not believe this, nor do I attempt to explain one with the other, as science makes new discoveries regularly that require a change in what we THINK we know. I believe that scientific research is one piece of the puzzle and biblical scripture is another. Devoid of religion or any form of spiritual beliefs, science still cannot explain our origin (though I know many would disagree) we do not KNOW with any certainty how we got here, what we’re doing (if anything) and whether or not all this wasn’t orchestrated by a supreme being much greater than we are. I believe the relationship between science and scripture may seem tenuous if non-existent at the moment, but some time in the future this may change and one may in fact, corroborate the other. Might seem far fetched but hey, a lot of folks didn’t think George Foreman could come out of retirement in his forties and win the heavy weight championship but lo and behold. He did. So ya never know 😀