RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Actually, I haven’t taken a shot at anyone. I have no adverse emotions about any group, because I recognize individuals as such. I’ve personally known dozens of Catholics who have told me themselves that their group is most likely to completely reject faith more than any other because of all the demands set forth by it.

And I neither embrace nor reject the bible. I think it’s a book chronicling potentially divine (a term denoting something that we understand on a subconscious level but have lost our conscious memory of it) and historic events and has been translated so many times on behalf of leaders with an agenda that it is likely to be nothing like the original. But I do believe that what we call “Divine” could simply be galactic visitors who originally brought us here and we no longer remember the story and have lost the context in which to understand that history. Unlike you, I am open-minded enough to know there is no way we can have the answers, and I think this particular era of people nowadays are the most ignorant in history. We’ve lost the information about our personal history, how to resolve our health issues, have corrupt leaders and mindless followers.

I’m not sure how being open and expansive in my mindset, embracing dissimilar perspective on different parts of one topic is back pedaling, but you’re a myopic racist who really seems to enjoy engaging me, so feel free, since this is “Argue Anything”….why the hell do I care if you don’t like what I say???

I was thinking after I signed off last night how in one thread you said something like, “I’m not black, unfortunately”, and I thought “Who the hell would EVER say that???” BLACKS don’t even want to be black! The MINUTE they have some degree of success, they leave their neighborhoods to decay…further…And I realized NOBODY sane would make that statement, so I’m guessing you’re black and too ashamed to say it or you date/live with/married one and you’re just too much of a fucking coward and idiot to even be able to embrace your own heritage.

My favorite part of sitting in university classes a few years ago was when the asshole white professors would talk about the “Old white guys” running virtually every major institution in this country. And I laughed so hard, because while those sniveling assholes were trying to teach a bunch of privileged white kids (who were logging into their FB accts or texting the entire class), about how “evil” the “Old white guys”  were, those OWG are running the country and every major company in it, making dozens times more money than those liberal, racist white professors will EVER make…all while denying their own heritage. And those same kids are going to work with the OWG to learn how to become just like them!  

Hell, even in the Washington Post last week, there was an article about how black run banks can’t even stay in business. My other threads aren’t racist, they’re REALITY. The more you and assholes like you go on sticking your heads up your asses, the MORE social failure you’re all going to experience.

You are really, as evidenced in the other thread where Lanza ripped you a new ass, a total coward. As soon as other people also agreed with me, you bailed out. What a lameass piece of shit you are.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. 🙂