RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Are you serious??? GOD made insects burrow into people’s eyes? God made the Plague???? GOD MADE AIDS????? Oh, too funny. If ignorance abounds, you win the prize for having the most! 

How about all the people who DON’T have AIDS? Like the billions and billions….How about all the people who didn’t live in filthy rat-infested neighborhoods who didn’t get the plague????Did God “save” them from it, if he gave it to the others? Holy shit, that makes me one of the chosen ones then, doesn’t it??? Did God make cancer? Car accidents? Heart attacks? If you want to “blame” God for everything, then you have to say anyone God spared is chosen. The depressing part about that is that must mean you’re chosen also…shit, that sucks. God let the idiots survive too? Well, you’re evidence, so I guess, from a scientific, realistic view, that is a fact, you are here, so I guess you are one of the chosen ones.

You’re really an idiot with the comments you make as fact regarding my statements. And somehow, you are so righteous about it, as idiots always are.

I don’t think science is too scary at all. Try reading the sentence. I said RELYING on science, and scientists, who are nothing but ordinary people with their own agendas, is scary.

You Catholics are so predictable. You just suck it all in, with popes and cardinals and all that bullshit, then you reject it all. There’s no C. Just A and B. You can’t even think for yourself or conceive there could be something else. You are still suffering from your Catholicism!

And  believe me, I’m not worried about starvation, not in Africa, that’s for sure. It’s natural selection. Or maybe the Conservatives are making all those Africans get pregnant even though they’re eating “cookies” made from dirt to survive…