RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

You’ll take “faith” because “ignorance always abounds” and following science is a “scary concept.”  you can’t make this shit up…. well… you just did… but.. wow.

Humans created every problem? really? There are insects that just burrow into people’s eyes. Did humans invent that? That would be God, right? The Black Plague? God. AIDS? God.  God created EVERYTHING, right? So you’re only willing to give God credit for everything good, but blame humans for everything bad?

Speaking of getting pregnant… CONSERVATIVES are standing in the way of getting contraception out to people. You should talk to your people if you’re that worried about overpopulation and starving children.

I was going to take some easy shots, but I’ll let other judge how ridiculous you sound when you think science is too scary. …sigh.