RE: Creationism VS. Evolution

Science find out “most things”??? Hahaha…Scientists find what they’re looking for, and nowadays, since 99.9% of scientists are funded by some corporation in one way or another, they find what they’re looking for in a way that benefits their benefactors.

Right now the headlines are all screaming about ppl signing up to go to Mars bc they believe Earth will be uninhabitable in the future. So…we fast forward 50 generations, almost all memory of us here on Earth is forgotten, our govt here has decided it’s better to not get to involved with those on Mars bc they “evolved” socially in a different way based on the living conditions of their environment and societal structure. We check in every now and then to provide information to a chosen group who can keep up with some of our advances. We let the diseases and catastrophes occur naturally and don’t get involved because they have “free will” to fuck it up all they want. And frankly, they’re a longass ways away and it’s not like they’re just going to call us when they have some major problem.

Sound familiar? Maybe some translations based on the limited understanding of the people at that time who composed “a book” who documented, in that same limited knowledge and had to define it as only they could, describes something way bigger. But people like to think somehow God is punishing people because that “divine being” didn’t intercede in every problem that we HUMANS created. Babies dying in Africa from AIDS? WHAT? How about all the babies dying in Africa from STARVATION bc people who don’t have the resources to even feed themselves STILL get pregnant. Does anybody need to fix that? Even animals don’t get pregnant when they don’t have the resources to provide for themselves or the group.

I’ll take faith, because at least I know from a historical context that ignorance always abounds and scientists have been the biggest promoters of it throughout history. Hell, even progressive scientists who did come up with new concepts were shunned by their own fellow scientists…relying on science: WHAT a scary concept!!!