RE: Can Science and Spirituality ever reside in the same space?

Yep. I believe we were created by some being, but it did so in the way of the big bang. All religions are man made and our creator simply made us and sat back to see what happens. Of course our creator created rules and physics to our universe. Otherwise it would be nuts. Or I could lick my own nuts. That’s beside the point, anyway, science can explain our bodies and how they work. But to understand it yourself you must know science at that level. Essentially it’s atoms arranged in a way that react to other atoms. They do this through bonding with other atoms via sharing particles. It’s like a micro gravity type of thing, also with the sharing, sharing is caring. Then there is electrical currents involved, electrons moving quickly. Put all this together in the right way and you have a life form. Basically our bodies are an orgy of atoms. They all sharing bits and parts.