RE: Best Band/Musician of the 1960s

Again….more nonsense, absurdity, and illogic from everyones favorite jackass, the one and only ZenPoop. Even though common sense says never argue with a retard, I’ll try the impossible, and inject some facts into ZenPoop’s fattening head at this late date. (Empty pause for several long, uncomfortable minutes as ZenPoop finishes struggling through the above 2 sentences. No problem. We have plenty of time….yawn) Finished yet? No? Too bad, we’re moving on. Okay then. NEVER did I ever say ANYWHERE that Sarah Palin is “the best.” Can you show us exactly where I said that? We didn’t think so. So that’s just more fiction and fabrication being formulated by that steaming load of freshly evacuated watery feces residing inside your head. It’s alright, since no one had ever accused you of bringing much credibility to the table in the first place, we weren’t expecting much from you. Getting back to what I was saying before,  I said Sarah was attractive…not “the best.” There is a difference you know. Maybe when the Special Ed kid who’s tutoring you gets you completely through the entire alphabet you will understand better, but we’re not holding our breath waiting for that to happen. Whoever was reading my post to you either read it to you incorrectly, or you weren’t paying attention, simple as that. As for Muhammad Ali, I wouldn’t expect a “keyboard commando drip” like you to know too much about the sweet science of boxing. Squash, and Dungeons and Dragons maybe, but certainly not boxing. And yes, he was overrated, and I’ll be happy to prove it to anyone who wants to discuss it on my post. Even though I’m sure you’re pretty ignorant in your knowledge of boxing, you’re probably familiar with physical violence in some shape or form, more than likely from being separated from your lunch money every day on the school bus. Say goodnight, ZenPoop.