RE: Best Band/Musician of the 1960s

My three year old niece and nephew could no doubt compose better tunes than the “Stinks.” For a band that’s been around since the days┬ácavemen walked the Earth, you’d figure they’d have a much more impressive body of work. LOLA is the rock and roll equivalent of “CHOPSTICKS.” It’s tuneless, boring, repetitive, and just a horrible song by a horrible band. There’s zero excitement to them. I think even the DiFranco Family had more pizazz to their songs. The “Stinks” just didn’t have that charismatic, song busting commando,┬álead singer like Daltrey, Morrison, Jagger, Kay, McGuinn, etc. And spare me the tired old, “but they were part of the British Invasion.” Yeah, yeah we all know that, but so what. Zeppo was part of the Marx Brothers, and he’s missed like the last turd I flushed down.