RE: Are We At War With Muslim Extremists or Islam?

If you ask me I think it’s the extremists that really are the “bag guys” in the situation. In reality, those people are essentially terrorists. As a religion, Islam is a peaceful religion and has great people in the religion. People don’t have to be bad to be Muslim. These people who are shooting up schools killing innocents among other things are making the religion look bad overall. This can cause someone who is ignorant to end up looking down on people who really didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. It’s unfair to many people. I haven’t even mentioned the poor innocent people in Afganistan. Read the book I am Malala to understand what I am talking about.This girl is fighting for the right for girls in that part of the world to have a basic education. It’s really something we take for granted. However, we couldn’t live without. We can’t go on with looking at a completely normal religion as the evil in the situation but, think of the individuals who cause the pain.