RE: Are We At War With Muslim Extremists or Islam?

I actually don’t have any particularly specific hatred of Bush, so I honestly don’t blame him for all that much. I don’t even blame him personally for a lot of the bad things done under his administration. He’s probably a likable enough guy.
I also don’t hate America (I even admire Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, among numerous other prominent Americans). I do hate its current government quite a lot, but I thought that was the American thing to do, given how much the Tea Party waves the flag and shrieks about the evils of big government. Apparently when anyone on the left criticizes the government that’s unpatriotic or something, though.
I’m not a “lib” of any variety, since liberalism nowadays generally refers to people like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, who I think are both hacks. As for leaving the country, I coincidentally might be doing that, though not for a radical Islamic country as you suggest (like Saudi Arabia, a historically close ally of the US government), but for Denmark. That’s, of course, a European socialist hellhole, though, so close enough.
I would say I’m pretty spoiled, like most Americans, given that we live in the richest country on Earth, which is why I think it would be nice if we did a bit more to help people in third world countries (which is, of course, more unpatriotic commie talk). As for your attacks on my intelligence, clearly your foam-at-the-mouth patriotism, Islamophobia, and name-calling indicate that you’re the smartest person in the room. I also notice you didn’t actually address what I said (that a major terrorist action, the Iraq War, was committed by the US government, not by Muslims, contradicting your claim that Muslims are responsible for practically all terrorism in the last 25 years). So all in all, good chat.