RE: Are We At War With Muslim Extremists or Islam?

Uh, yes it is accurate to say that nearly every act of terrorism in the last quarter century HAS been commited ny muslims, “genius.” Let’s go down the list just a bit :A)1983 US embassy building in Beirut, B)1989 Tel Aviv attack C) 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya D) 1993 the first World Trade Center attack E) 1994 Air France flight, and of course 9-11, and the Boston Marathon bombing. Guess what Dimbulb….all done by muslims, although you’d probably try and put a “Bush did it” spin on it. Why not? You probably blame Bush for every evil that’s befallen Mankind since the Great Flood. Then again you’re probably one of those spoiled, campus revolutionary wannabe, ultra left wing llibs who hates America, and has wet dreams of flag burning, and who’s one big regret in life is that you’re not old enough to have a draft card that you could publicly burn. You hate America so much? Then get the hell out. I’m sure people won’t be jumping off high ledges because they miss your company. Better yet, pull up stakes and settle down in one of those Islamic extremist countries you seem to love so much. I’m sure they’ll greet you with open arms, just before they execute you for some imagined slight.