RE: All facts are subjective

1.No you clearly said early, and I have screenshots that my statement was “a fact thus also making it an opinion” don’t try to go back on that

2.And that’s the point of a fact, it doesn’t have to be known by all to be true,for example, if I lived in Uruguay and smoked crack everyday and just loved it, that doesn’t change “smoking crack in the US is illegal” From objective to subjective, if I had 11 toes but no one knew about it but me it doesn’t mean I don’t have 11 toes

3.I think you’re getting the words subjective and intersubjective mixed up, Now if you were to say all facts are intersubjective, I would agree with you, but that’s not the case, you’re saying all facts are subjective, subjective has to do with feelings and you can look on any single page about the word subjective and I promise you the meaning won’t change, same goes with objective, you’re making up definition for these words now, I’ don’t know where you got them from

4.A theory is A “testable statement”, a hypothesis is an answer to something too, that’s ridiculous to say that it’s not,and there is no confusing these two things because they practically are the same, I could make a theory and call it a hypothesis right now, and vise versa. The theory of evolution is a hypothesis of how things evolved, correct?

5.I can prove with evidence that smoking crack in the US is illegal,that’s proven already, it’s true it doesn’t make any sense that it’s not.You don’t need to tell me that theories aren’t proven because I know that, they’re opinions, I’ve already said that.

6.And once again you are getting the words intersubjective and subjective mixed up, nothing else to say about that.

7.If you wanted to debate on whether facts are “objective or subjective” you should of set your title as “Are facts subjective or objective? ” But instead you went with ” All facts are subjective” So that’s on you.