RE: All facts are subjective

Either you aren’t very good at reading or you’re just a troll. 
“earlier you said it was subjective,an opinion, and now you’re agreeing with me that it is a fact”
What I actually said earlier was that it was a fact, and that facts are a subset of opinions, and that facts and opinions are subjective. 
You’re chair being made out of leather is subjective. Absent some set of knowers to recognize it as a fact, it doesn’t exist. Indeed, the recognition of a thing you call a chair and a material you call leather are themselves also both subjective. The recognition that there is even an object is also subjective. We have no idea what, if anything, is ACTUALLY there, and no way to ever know. All we know is that YOU PERCEIVE there to be an object, that you call a chair, which suggests that you also perceive that the object can be used for, and perhaps was designed for, a particular purpose, and that YOU PERCEIVE that it is made, in part, from a material that you call leather. 
“it’s objective, just because my feelings about it change doesn’t change the fact the chair is made out of leather”
You seem to be of the opinion that what defines something as objective versus subjective is whether it is changed by ones “feelings about it”. LOL. 
Objective is a term that describes something that exists or is true independent of anyone’s concsciousness, i.e. perception or knowledge of it, perspective, etc. 
Subjective is a term that describes something that exists or is true dependent on anyone’s consciousness, i.e. perception or knowledge of it, perspective, etc. 
These terms have nothing to do with “feelings”. 
“theory is not a fact…   to say a theory is a fact is ridiculous…”
Yes, clearly, but the fact that you are saying this again suggests that maybe you are only semi-literate, or else you are just a troll. 
“theory is…  it’s a guess,a hypothesis,its an opinion on how someone thinks something works…”
No, theory is not a guess or a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a testable statement, sometimes specifically framed in terms of its possible outcomes, e.g. null hypothesis and research hypothesis. A theory is an answer to a question, especially a causal or explanatory answer. Don’t confuse theories with hypotheses. 
Yes, theory is an opinion on how someone thinks something works, just as facts and knowledge generally are opinions. 
“…that can’t be proven or disproven”
You still fail to understand what ‘proven’ and ‘disproven’ mean.  Again, neither theories nor facts are proven. Proofs are, strictly speaking, logical processes, but the basis for facts and theories is evidentiary, not logic. No amount of evidence ever proves anything.