RE: All facts are subjective

There’s no logical proof to prove that smoking crack in the US is illegal, WHAT?!, earlier you said it was subjective,an opinion, and now you’re agreeing with me that it is a fact, that whole first part of what you said is jumbled up. To the rest of it, so you’re saying facts are based off of feeling and emotions,okay…My chair is made out of leather, that’s a fact, it’s not subjective, it’s objective, just because my feelings about it change doesn’t change the fact the chair is made out of leather, and a theory is not a fact, it’s a guess,a hypothesis,its an opinion on how someone thinks something works, to say a theory is a fact is ridiculous, take the heliocentric theory for example, in which people believe that all the planets in our orbit, orb it the sun, whether it be true or not, some people still have their own theories of how the orbit works that can’t be proven or disproven, so that is still an opinion, don’t confuse facts with theories