RE: All facts are subjective

“a subjective fact as you call it does not exist, those are called opinions, and facts are facts, there’s no other way to put it”

Ok, then thanks for playing. LOL. 

“you can’t change a fact”

Facts change all the time. Courts overturn previously established facts. Science changes its facts. People learn new facts. Newton gravity was once considered a fact, but now has been supplanted by Einsteinian gravity. Pluto was once a (regular) planet, now it is a dwarf planet. That’s a fact. The relevant info about Pluto didn’t change. It was once a fact that there was a dinosaur called a Brontosaurus, but this fact has been overturned. 

And individuals can sometimes personally and unilaterally change or even create new facts. Indeed, with every keystroke I create a new fact right here in front of you. 

“That is proved correct?”

No. It is only accepted to be factual based on an evidentiary basis. There is no logical proof to uphold it.