RE: All facts are subjective

“facts are ideas that you may not agree on, but are still true… facts are ideas that you may not agree on but are still true”
How can anyone know if it is true if they don’t agree with it? For them it is, by definition, false. LOL. 

“you may say it’s gray or purple, but in all reality it is black”
Science shows us that color is subjective. An impression one’s mind has of what is, presumably an objective phenemonon, light. But we can never access light, only our impression/perception of it. 

“‘smoking crack in the US Is illegal’ is a fact, not subjective”
So if there weren’t any people who agreed with that statement, you hold it would still be true? 

“…even if every single being thought something was bad, it still would be an opinion because it’s based on either personal preferences, values, feelings, and judgments.”
Yes it would still be an opinion, but it would also be a fact, like gravity, because everyone would agree that it is the truth.