RE: Al Capone owed $150k in back taxes, he went to prison. Al Sharpton owes $4.5mm (million)

It’s a shame racists, and I do NOT mean white people, can’t see past their own asses. White Europeans travelled and started colonies all over the world. Blacks can’t even maintain¬† their own neighborhoods. Say what you want, if you’re black and I’m betting you are, if those who were educated and “made it” really gave a shit, other than running their mouths on online forums or instigating anti-social and totally counterproductive behavior, they’d be back in those neighborhoods pushing education and traditional values. Yes, traditional “white” values. You don’t see white neighborhoods become drug battlefields and slums. JUST saying. But feel free to listen to the bigot Al Sharpton… Oh yeah, there’s Santa and the tooth fairy for you to believe in too.