RE: Al Capone owed $150k in back taxes, he went to prison. Al Sharpton owes $4.5mm (million)

Yes, “whitesplaining” is a great new way for blacks to simply brush off the bullshit excuses they use to not hold blacks accountable by saying white people who logically express their thoughts are somehow biased simply bc we stated anything negative about blacks.¬†Good one.

Because like OJ Simpson, the white majority just doesn’t want their buildings burned and looted by a bunch of assholes who totally reject the obvious and true in favor of “indignation” over any black actually being brought to justice. Like the Ferguson case. Didn’t matter that the huge slob who was 19 and a thug had just robbed a store owner and fought with the cop because he was used to doing what he wanted. To blacks he was “a teen”…like he had some patina of innocence. I’m so friggen sick of the racist bullshit perpetuated by blacks. In doing it, they make themselves a mockery and keep themselves subjugated.

Everybody has an ability to be on even ground with everyone else. Gender nor race can ever hold anyone down if they want to rise. For all of Al Sharpton’s noise, he has done nothing for black power, everything to embarrass a race that embraces him as an icon. And THAT is what disgusts me most. I’m just tired of hearing an entire group of people say they are not accomplishing anything because of somebody else; that is simply impossible!

If I was leading black people, I would tell them to start with a calculated grass roots initiative. Make education the priority. Anybody can be poor and deprived and face issues, but anybody can teach others to read and learn. Through education, EVERYONE has power. Then one harnesses the power and one becomes a leader. Entire neighborhoods can and do change, and there’s n reason it can’t be done neighborhood by neighborhood in this country. I know many black people and they are just as accomplished as I am. Why should either of us have any animosity to the other? I’m neither responsible for any of their successes nor any of their failures.

Sharpton and assholes like him serve only themselves and that is my issue with him. He has managed to manipulate an entire race of people in this country into thinking he somehow represents them; he represents only himself! As has every black leader that I can think of. Including MLK. They push their own agendas.