RE: Al Capone owed $150k in back taxes, he went to prison. Al Sharpton owes $4.5mm (million)

Way to go Society Girl. I’ve been saying Zenpoop is an idiot since the first asinine posting of his. Of course It’s a big question of whether he actually believes the garbage he spews, or whether he’s just bored, and amuses himself by trying to ruffle people’s feathers for the cheap shock value he gets from it. Then again, maybe his brains are just permanently rattled from all the balls bounced off his head in junior high school “Dodge Ball.” Of course, considering the source, it’s a question that nobody would even want to waste the exertion on to find an answer to. Unfortunately, some people would rather just like to sit back and entertain themselves by typing smarmy insults, and making outlandish claims with zero substance, Instead of offering practical solutions.